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Correct connection of crusher

2019/7/25 Click:90
When we first install crusher, wiring is a very important link, because when the crusher leaves the factory, it usually only leads out the cable. Users need to connect the cable by themselves when installing it, so we should pay attention to the correct method when connecting the cable, otherwise it will have a great impact on its use. Now let's learn about the cable connection method of crusher.
1. Strip out the copper core of the cable on the crusher about 30-35mm long, wipe the copper wire with sand cloth, and shine it. Similarly, strip the copper wire of the external three-core cable 30-35 mm and wipe it with a sandcloth.
2. Insert the three-core cable into the copper wire stripped from the external cable. Then tie it tightly with a thin copper wire. Cut off the rest and press it flat with scissors to prevent pricking.
3. To solder the three wire heads with solder solder respectively, the surface of the solder heads should be smooth, without burrs and false soldering. If it is not soldered firmly or smoothly, it should be re-soldered. Until the requirements are met
4. When wrapping with polyester insulating tape, half of it should be pressed. (Semi-fold dressing) 8-12 layers, after wrapping. Then wrap two layers of plastic tape for strength.
5. Use plastic tape to wrap three wires together and wrap two layers, which exceed 50 mm at the end of each conductor insulation layer. More than 50 mm above the end.
6. Take a basin of cold water after wrapping and soak the wrapped wire head in water safely. After 12 hours, the insulation can not be less than 50 megohm measured by 500V megohm meter. Otherwise, the wrapping should be re-wrapped until the requirements are met.
7. Grounding wire of crusher should also be wrapped according to the requirements of submersible cable wiring technology.
After wiring, shaking insulation resistance is continuously monitored to prevent cable insulation from breaking. If the insulation level drops sharply below 0.5 megohm, the unit should be brought up for testing.
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